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Because the Climate Heats Up, Cool Off With This Private Air Conditioner

EvaChill can help you achieve a cooler temperature.


April 21, 2022


Whether you’re working from home or you’re back in the office, you owe it to yourself to have the most productive workspace possible. As the weather gets warmer, that means finding a way to keep cool. But you don’t want to spend hundreds on cooling bills every month, of course. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly and eco-friendly solution check out the EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner while it’s on sale during our Spring Refresh Sale.

This ultra-lightweight, portable, efficient personal air conditioner was a 2019 Red Dot Design Award Winner thanks in large part to its patented EvaBreeze® material, which improves efficiency while remaining eco-friendly and bio-safe.

Setting up EvaChill is simple. Just fill the water tank, connect to a power supply, and the cartridge will quickly absorb large amounts of water through cooling pads. Then, air blows through them to evaporate the water to lower the temperature of about 45 square feet of space in front of the device. It reaches full cooling power within five to ten minutes without exhausting any heat at all and the ultra-portable and leak-proof design makes it easy to carry around with you if you want to work in a couple of different spots throughout the day.

In addition to the natural evaporative cooling effect, EvaChill also humidifies the air to create a more comfortable environment and filters out dust particles to improve air quality. That’s yet another way that the EvaChill contributes to a more productive work environment. And it all happens with just the push of a single button.

Make your workspace more comfortable this Spring and Summer. During our Spring Refresh Sale, you can get the EvaChill EV-500 Personal Air Conditioner in white or gray for just $69.99 (reg. $99) when you use promo code SPRING10 at checkout.

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