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Blaux Portable AC is an easy-to-carry personal air conditioner known for its portable, compact design and high cooling power. Who would’ve thought that AC’s could be so small yet so effective? This high-tech personal air cooler is the perfect alternative to wall-mounted AC’s.

Day after day, electricity is getting expensive, and paying high electricity bills is becoming more of a hassle. Not everyone can easily afford the electricity expense that wall-mounted AC’s bring along with them, which is why Blaux have come up with this cost-friendly portable AC.

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Blaux Portable AC is an innovative, small-sized personal air cooler that cools down the air and filters the pollutants and toxins present in the air through special filters. It serves as an air cooler as well as an air purifier, packed together in a modern and compact structure.

As the summer season approaches, the heat can become intolerable for many. People often feel demotivated to carry on with their everyday chores due to the unbearable heat. Not to mention when heat waves hit the city, it causes heat strokes, dehydration, and many other medical emergencies.

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Blaux Portable AC Review

Blaux air conditioner is a result of extensive research and hard work to create the perfect cost-effective solution to beat the heat. It doesn’t matter where you’re headed, you can carry this portable, lightweight air cooler along with you and place it ideally near yourself so it can blow fresh air right into your face, making you forget about the surrounding heat.

With this cooling device, there isn’t a moment of sweat. The device can be taken along in the car, to the office, around the house, and anywhere. What makes it even more travel-friendly is that it comes with a USB port making it easily chargeable. Whether you’re in the car, at home, or even at a restaurant, there isn’t a place you won’t find a USB plug to give your portable AC a quick charge.

This AC’s special filters efficiently clean the surrounding air, blowing our refreshing and clean air. The filters are easily cleanable, as they can be removed in a minute and dusted off with a cleaning cloth and water.

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The design is decent and modern, allowing it to fit in anywhere it’s kept. It doesn’t make its presence felt and sits comfortably wherever you place it. Blaux portable air conditioner is also ideal in terms of noise, as it barely produces any sound and silently keeps you fresh.

The air-cooling speed can be managed on the portable device, according to the required cooling. Some days are hotter than others, so for days and times a person requires less cooling, they can slow down the cooling fan and save battery.

Blaux portable air conditioner comes with a durable battery-life that lasts a good 8 hours after a single charge. Once charged, a person can spend the entire day with refreshed cold air.

Outstanding Features of Blaux Portable AC

Low-noise processing

The AC is known for producing minimal to no sound, thanks to its advanced technology. Users don’t need to worry about distractions or voice pollution of any sort.

USB type C connection port

The device comes with a USC type C connection port, making it easily connectable and chargeable through various means. One can even charge the AC with the help of a power bank.

Lightweight and portable

Blaux air conditioner’s lightweight and portable design makes it easy to carry around, suitable for the modern man who’s always on the go. The device can be taken anywhere quickly.

Removable network cover for air purification

The device comes with special filters that work as air purifiers, trapping pollutants, and toxins. These filters are easily removable and cleanable, which makes this device an even better buy.

Up to 8 hours of working duration

Blaux Portable AC comes with a durable battery that lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge. Users don’t have to worry about continuously charging it, and can enjoy fresh and cold air for a few hours.

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Benefits of Purchasing Blaux Portable AC

Cleaner and fresher air

Not only does this portable AC work as an air cooler, but it works as an air purifier as well, thanks to the dust filters that continuously filter the air. The AC provides fresher and cleaner air surrounding it, wherever it is placed. This makes the portable AC an environmentally friendly option.

Compact and practical design

The AC comes in a compact design, which makes it easy to carry around and keep anywhere. The design is decent and practical, which allows the AC to blend in wherever it’s kept without attracting unnecessary attention.

Controllable fan speed

The portable AC allows users to control the cooling speed according to the required temperature needs. This way, if the weather isn’t too hot, users can save the AC’s battery life.

Silent functioning

The Blaux mini air-cooler works without producing any noise, making it ideal for peaceful environments such as the office, or even when it’s nap time. The AC doesn’t make you feel its presence due to its peaceful working mechanism.

Easy cleaning

The AC’s filters are easily removable, designed to make them easy to clean. They can be cleaned with the help of a cloth and some water only within two minutes.

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Why Choose Blaux Portable AC over Wall-Mounted ACs?

– While wall-mounted ACs are restricted to the area they are attached to, this portable AC is movable and can be used around the house or on the go.

– Traditional air conditioners mean more electricity consumption, while this Portable AC works on chargeable batteries and does not result in much electricity expense.

– Wall-mounted air conditioners are expensive when it comes to purchasing, whereas the Blaux AC is very reasonable.

– Wall-mounted ACs don’t filter the air around you, whereas this one works as an air purifier.

– While wall-mounted ones are usually placed higher on the wall, they are harder to clean. This portable AC is easy to clean in 2 minutes.

– Wall-mounted ACs come with high maintenance costs, whereas Blaux portable air conditioners are highly reasonable and reliable, so that’s not to worry about either.

Where and How to Purchase Blaux Portable AC?

Blaux AC is available exclusively at the official website link given here. The best part about this portable air conditioner is that it’s an excellent value for money, costing only:

– One portable AC for $89.99

– Two units for $179.98

– Three for $202.48

– Four for $247.47

You can visit the given link for special discounted offers and updated prices. The AC is available for online delivery, so get your home delivered before they run out of stock.

Are there any cons of Blaux Portable AC?

The only drawback of this AC is that it may not be available over the counter at regular supermarkets or on Amazon. It’s available online at the official Blaux website.

Another thing is that these air conditioners are not suitable for larger gatherings or open areas, as it’s more of a personal AC that cools down its surrounding areas.

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Final Verdict: Should You Really Buy It?

The summer heat can be intolerable for many people, and it’s not always convenient and affordable to get the traditional air conditioners. Wall-mounted AC’s are equivalent to high electricity bills, and only a particular area can be cooled down.

People could only wish for small, compact, low-cost, and reliable AC’s that are easy to carry around. If you search online, you will find tons of positive Blaux Portable AC reviews. It is a dream come true for many people struggling with the summer’s unbearable heat.

This classical AC is the most modern and unique AC yet designed, as it enables people to enjoy cold fresh air wherever they go.

It can easily be called the most reasonable, cost-effective, and well-performing portable air conditioner in the market right now. Though many alternatives have entered the market, they don’t perform even partially as good as they claim to. Blaux has made a good brand name in the market with its previous products, which makes this product reliable.

Another added benefit of this cooling device is that it’s modern and classic design blends perfectly wherever it is kept. It can be taken to the office, around the house, or even in the car. There isn’t a moment of sweat with this high-tech portable AC.

Extreme heat can also lead to health risks such as heat exhaustion, dehydration, and even heat strokes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, which is why this portable air cooler is a must buy to stay safe from unbearable heat.

If you’re not fond of the summer heat and like to stay calm and fresh, then Blaux Portable AC is the perfect option for you.

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