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Central Texas college bus driver accused of shutting off air conditioner to punish unruly college students

BELTON, Texas (KWTX) – A group of parents in central Texas are calling for a bus driver to be fired after the driver allegedly turned off the air conditioning in order to punish students.

Parents and students who spoke to News 10 said the bus driver stopped the bus, pulled it to the edge of a freeway, and turned off the air conditioning on the way home from school in response to the unruly students.

“We got on the bus and someone made a whistling noise and got angry and stopped the bus on the side of the road,” said Hailey Wyndham, an eighth grader on the bus.

Students said the bus driver stopped for almost an hour and drove continuously. Students can be seen in videos shared on social media using swear words at the driver. Some reportedly called 911 and others called their parents.

On a cell phone video a student can be heard saying: “Mom, it’s hot, he’s out of breath and we’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes.”

Parents said that despite the stubbornness of the students, the bus driver went too far and put their lives in danger.

Genevieve Quinteros is one of those parents who received a desperate call from their daughter on the bus. She says she and several parents showed up on the bus route to urge the driver to let the students out, but he refused.

“The parents yelled at the bus driver and followed the bus driver,” said Quinteros.

In a statement to News 10, the Belton Independent School District said it “cannot comment on discipline issues from students or staff, however the administrators have been investigating last Friday’s bus incident and corrective action is being taken.”

Parents and students said there had been previous incidents where the driver behaved similarly.

“Sometimes when people are too loud, he stomps on the brakes and people fly into their seats,” said Maribell Narvaez, a student who drives this bus.

However, Belton ISD says the driver has no complaints on their personnel file. Parents say they will contact the district and demand the bus driver’s dismissal.

According to the school district, the bus driver had been employed by BISD since 2013. He is still employed by the county and has been driving students to school since September 24th.

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