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Dad and mom complain of damaged air-con items and overcrowding at a metro highschool – WSB-TV Channel 2

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Ga. — Several parents of students at New Manchester High School in Douglas County are voicing their concerns about broken air conditioning units and overcrowding at the school. The parents are particularly concerned about these issues in the middle of a pandemic.

Parents say they understand the school administrators tried to fix this quickly but believe it could have been handled much better.

“It’s been extremely hot for these past few weeks,” said one parent, who did not identify themselves.

The heat at the school is not the only issue that parents are concerned about.

COVID-19 cases have been multiplying in schools, especially high schools. Parents at New Manchester believe air quality is more important than ever.

“Definitely with COVID and other types of viruses and bacteria and just germs period . Yeah I think the heat and all of that is really going to run rampant even more,” another parent said.

The AC units at New Manchester stopped working around Aug. 13th.

School administrators say they ordered the parts to repair them immediately but the parts are on back order.

Some teachers have moved their classes to cooler parts of the building.


Teachers at the school have voiced concerns of other issues at the school. They say classes have been overcrowded since school started this year, some with more than 30 kids at a time.

The school district told Channel 2 Action News that they just hired six new people who are trained. This should help with overcrowding issues.