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The person behind the viral photograph of a rigged air conditioner on a truck

The story behind the viral photo is of a man escaping his demons and getting by while trying to get his life together.

SAN ANTONIO — Candy Gates saw a contraption so unbelievable on Goliad Road that she had to take a picture.

What she saw was a slightly worn-down pickup truck with an air conditioning unit hanging out of the passenger-side window.

In a world where we share the moments of our lives on social media, Gates posted the picture to Facebook. Of course, the oddity of wooden mounts propping up an A/C was too good to be true.

“The heat ain’t no joke,” Gates said on Facebook.

Angelica Robledo remarked that she’d seen images like this in memes but never in real life.

“A plus for creativity,” she said.

The creativity they mentioned is actually a necessity for Bobby Hammond.

We tracked down the man in the trending picture to a south San Antonio alley. The 54-year-old lives there in a storage shed as he fixes an RV to live in permanently.

Categorically, Hammond is homeless, but he doesn’t like the label. He doesn’t like the heat either. That’s why he rigged an a/c unit to his truck.

“It just got so hot. I couldn’t afford an air conditioner compressor,” he said. “I had an A/C there and I got a generator. I just put it there.”

The generator sits in the bed of his 1996 Ford F-150. He can activate it from his keychain. The A/C unit is mounted up with wood, metal, and screws. A cord from the unit connects it to the generator. The truck isn’t insulated.

Hammond said that when the doors are closed, the truck’s cab gets cool.

“It’s been a struggle,” he said.

He owns a business that repairs RVs but has no customers. He lost his deceased mother’s home to back taxes. Hammond has no wife or children. There have been girlfriends but nothing seems to work out.

“I tell you, my first problem was getting hooked on crack cocaine in 1989,” he recalled. “I smoked crack for 22 years.”

Hammond said that he got on a bus from Georgia to come to San Antonio five years ago to free himself of that demon. He said that he’s been crack free since he arrived in Texas.

His financial woes remain a challenge, which is why the truck driver in the trending picture grabbed the A/C by its knobs and put ingenuity to work.