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‘Tis the season (to verify your air conditioner is correctly maintained)

ODESSA, TX (KOSA) – Air conditioning. We often don’t think much about it until we don’t have it, then it’s all we think about.

And if you’re not careful, windy conditions like the Basin has experienced recently can shorten the lifespan of your HVAC system.

“The grass, the dust, the trees, the leaves, the stems, and all that gets into your coils,” said Anne Darville, Home Comfort Specialist at The Darville Company.

Spring brings more than just allergies. It also brings tiny obstacles that cause clutter, and they could clog your HVAC system creating major issues as the weather warms.

Darville sees it every year.

“It causes an air restriction, and that air restriction can cause you to have high pressures. High pressures can cause your compressors to fail,” Darville said. “Ultimately, it can be the death of a system if you don’t do proper maintenance.”

You’ll want to avoid that. Not only will it make your home hot, but it can also easily cost five figures to replace.

But there are ways to make sure it never gets to that.

“Turn your fan on,” Darville said. “Turn your system fan on. It’ll help circulate the air, it’ll help pressurize your house, and help contain the dirt.

Darville also recommends changing your filters out each season and getting your condenser cleaned out after spring and fall when leaves and dust are at their worst.

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