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White Christmas solely a dream, air-con the fact | Neighborhood Alert

Santa Claus could work up a sweat as he and his reindeer team drive through South Central Texas on Christmas morning.

The National Weather Service forecasters expect the warming trend to continue with temperatures well above normal during the Christmas break and into early next week.

Santa can expect good flying weather, with the low Christmas Eve temperatures falling into the upper 50s with partly cloudy skies, but for Comal County’s residents, the high Christmas Day temperatures will warm to the low 80s under mostly sunny skies, leading to the More conducive to hiking or picnicking than to the winter activities shown in Christmas television movies.

Keith White, a meteorologist at NWS’s New Braunfels office, said a strong high pressure system currently located in northern Mexico was responsible for the unusual weather.

“It’s essentially a very strong high pressure ridge that builds up to maintain a southerly current that brings in warmer air, and also the temperatures at high altitude in the atmosphere are much warmer than they normally would be this time.” of the year, ”said White. “The combination of these factors allows heat to build up in quite a large part of the southern central United States. It will last for the rest of the year. “

Although warm conditions are expected, White said no record high temperature records are expected on Friday and Christmas Day.

“The record highs on Christmas Day are what we call strong records,” he said. “For Austin and San Antonio, they’re both in their lower 90s. It was a really warm day in 1955. But we’re keeping an eye on it. Both the 26th and the 27th offer additional opportunities to get close to the record temperatures. If you look at the data, the forecast we have for the rest of the month is almost a slam dunk that December will be the warmest December on record for most of the state. “

The high temperatures will warm to around 80 degrees every afternoon through Tuesday.

According to AccuWeather forecasters, this Christmas could be the warmest for parts of the southern central US in more than 50 or even 100 years.

“Dallas, Houston, Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Oklahoma, Little Rock, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee are all set to hit or exceed the record high of December 25th this Saturday,” said AccuWeather chief meteorologist Brett Anderson, adding that the highs in the 70s and 80s, which will be common for a large part of the south-central region, are more typical for early to mid-October.

AccuWeather predicts a high of 84 in Houston and 81 in Dallas on Saturday, which could set new daily records for Christmas Day in both cities.

Houston’s current record of 83 was set in 2015 and Dallas’ record of 80 was set in 2016.

In Oklahoma City, the projected high temperature of 78 degrees would break the previous record of 73 set in 2016.

AccuWeather forecasters are also predicting a high of 76 on Christmas Day in the east in Little Rock, Arkansas, which also has a Christmas record high of 73, but that mark has not been threatened since 1942.